Those are not fresh news so you could already know it, I write them here for who don’t and for leaving a bunch of useful links in a convenient place :)

  1. BuddyPress Album is being renamed to BuddyPress Media that better reflects the plugin scope and features. It’s a work-in-progress so you’ll probably see it called in both ways.

  2. the project is now hosted on Google Code: BuddyPress Media on

If you are not interested in following BP Media development you can stop reading here, you only need to know that:

  • BP Media stable releases are still hosted on WP plugin repo so you’ll be able to install/update from your WP backend as usual (BP Media on

  • BP Media is still (and will always be) licensed under GPLv2.

  • General support is still handled on the plugin group on

Instead if you are interested in BP Media development you’ll be happy to know that this choice will improve interaction with community **and it’s **involvement in the project development, in addition to ease collaboration between committers.

What you’ll find on google code:

  • BP Media nightly builds: a convenient way to test latest development version;

  • BP Media issue tracker: here we handle all known bugs, if you found one remember to search before posting and to compile in details the form, it helps us to help you ;);

  • BP Media codex: the project documentation, drop a comment if you’d like to help in this;

  • BP Media development svn: if you are comfortable with svn you can checkout the latest changes, or if you are planning to write a code patch you should write it on this version, nightly builds are less frequent than commits;

  • BP Media dev updates: list of latest code commits, issue tracker and codex changes;

  • BP Media dev feeds: list of feed you could be interested to follow.