Bologna -> Postojna

We departed from Bologna in the morning of 20 July, taking 300km of motorway to Trieste. From there we planned to avoid the Slovenian motorway because we only had to do short parts of it and the tolls are weekly or monthly, so we tried to follow the county roads, but signs were not helpful at all. After some trial and error I managed to find a southeast passage to Postojna using mostly the sun, valleys and high voltage transmission lines (they are not on the maps, but they are usually between areas with high population/industrial density).


Postojna is a nice town, it’s not very big and there is not a lot to do other than visiting the caves and the castle. It seem to be the only city in Slovenia with open and unlimited wifi over most of the city, and I’ve definitely appreciated that. The landscape is karst and green hills.

Postojna Caves and Predjama Castle

There are 21 km of caves on three levels, on the lower one the Pivka river is still doing its geological erosion work. The guided visit is 1 km long and is 2 km into the caves, you are taken there and back by a little open train. Unluckily photos are prohibited during the visit, so I only have the few I took from the train and at the end, so you’ll not see here the best parts.

All caves are rich of stalactites and stalagmites, in different colors depending on the impurities, but what stunned me most was that some of them are impressively huge, like a an imax theatre or maybe a small soccer stadium. I thought there were more holes in that mountain than in swiss cheese.

Predjama castle is a medieval fortification built in several stages partly inside in a huge cave. A legend tells that Erazem used this position to withstood a siege for a year, even getting fresh supplies using a secret tunnel that start from the cave.

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