In May 2013 I took part in the Hack Reality 2 by Whymca, an hackathon with very interesting APIs and devices, I teamed up with other devs and electronics experts and SongTsu was born.

We used a wearable matrix sensor, openpicus, blackberry and steremood API to create a system to make easier to give shatsu massages and play music selected depending on the massage pace, it was fun and we won the first prize and some sponsor prizes!

The matrix was attached to the openpicus with the wifi module, then we build two mobile apps that connect to it, one that shows whats being done and gives tips, and one that adds the music experience. You can read all the details on

In the last months we improved the idea, the electronics and the apps, and our work will be presented at the European Maker Faire in Rome next weekend!

So if you are going to the Maker Faire stop by to say hi (to the rest of the team, I’ll be at WordCamp Europe), otherwise check out some code on